Thursday, January 25, 2007

LOVE,what else!

Love is everything for most people including me. I fell in love and now I am rising in love. As one wise person said, sometimes our greatest need in life is someone who can make us do what we can.' Love is the ultimate thing in life. It makes our life easier while giving it meaning and purpose.

However, love can also be a source of misery. Unrequited or one-sided love is often very painful. When you love someone and that special someone does not like you or likes someone else, your world falls apart and you are shaken for some time. The more emotional may even consider ending their lives!

Love at first sight is also common. Among teens and adolescents, infatuation is mistaken for love. For many, sex only matters and love is unimportant or secondary. Love often leads to marriage or live-in relationships. Homosexual love is not so uncommon now. Elton John has even married his gay partner! A wise person, however, also said- 'Love is a ghost which everybody talks about but very few have seen' !

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