Saturday, January 27, 2007

I love babies!

Yes! I love babies. I am dying to marry and become a father to one or more! But wait, do I really have to wait until marriage. No, I don't mean to have them before marriage. What I am saying is I can adopt them even when a bachelor. I think I will do it.

A wise person said babies are the only hope that God is not yet disappointed with man! I think that is so true. Just look at a baby and you will know what it means. A small, wonderful creature who has the ability to make us happy without doing anything. Merely looking at the baby is immense pleasure in itself!

Hold the baby in your hand (that is if it allows you to!) and you know you have wrapped the heavens in your arms. Touch the baby on the cheek and you will know how soft and silky skin can be! Hold its tiny fingers and you immediately want to be slapped by them! Watch the baby crawl or take food or cry. Everything is a joy with a baby. I have my room decorated with babies' posters and the poster at my entry-door says : cool kids always welcome, adults seen by appointment only!! What about you?

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